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We bring together advanced founders and C-level executives across business niches for experience sharing without fluff, focusing on practical depth

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We also dislike communities with lots of noise
and little substance
Therefore R-Founders, individuals with focused expertise on Global aspects are gathered . In our community, everyone quickly finds the necessary contact and information for their query.
B2B Global Sales
R-Founders, in my opinion, 🔥 is the best community for launching and selling products on  the international market, and the people there are top-notch.
Ilya Krasinsky
Founder and СЕО and
CEO of the product course Product Heroes

Learning from others' experiences is always valuable, especially when entering international markets and little understanding where to start from.

We believe in a peer-2-peer format for founders and C-level executives, and if we are to learn, it should be from the best- that's who we've gathered:

Alumni YC, Alchemist, founders, and C-level, been there, done that, and are definitely ready to share all of this
Ekaterina Kurasheva
CEO of R-Founders
Unites experienced founders and C-level executives into the largest community with a focus on global success.
Ilya Krasinsky
Founder & CEO of 
and CEO of
Product Heroes
Works as an advisor to the project, supporting and guiding the team's initiatives.
Alexandr Solovyev
Сo-founder of Refocus
Reveals the secrets of the inner workings of Product Hunt, powerful marketing, and strong sales teams.
Vadim Orlov
Founder&CEOof Embacy Agency
Shares expertise in design, branding, and working on agency marketplaces.
Daniil Gridin
Expert in account-based lead
generation for large businesses.
Takes you through all the nuances of the account-based approach providing detailed examples.
Mitchell Kim
Founder of VentureRoof, CGO of Speechki, and mentor at Alchemist Accelerator.
Shares secrets of cold outreach and writing dopamine-increasing letters.
Pavlo Zhovner
CEO Flipper Zero
Explains how to raise $4.5M on Kickstarter and hack TikTok.
Макс Гусаков
Co-founder at Careerist (YC S21), 
участник группы R-Founders 
Global EdTech более года
Делится с нами секретами
cold outreach и написания 
дофаминовых писем
Sergey Ruzheynikov:
Founder of Unidragon
Sells unique puzzles in million-unit volumes and shares his best practices with us.
Andrey Lobanov
CEO of Algoritmika
Discusses his experiences and insights on attracting investments in EdTech.
Mikhail Peregudov
Co-founder at Whizz
Inspires not to fear change and to close projects that are not successful.
Roman Kumar Vias
Co-founder and ex-СЕО of Refocus
Shares expertise in edtech, exploring new markets, and serial entrepreneurship.
Mikhail Pakhomov
Co-founder and CEO of 
Cosmodrome Games
Shows how he gained worldwide popularity with his board games.
Viktor Lysenko
Founder of Osome
Talks about building a B2B sales system for SMB  to 1000+ clients from scratch.
Choose a working group and go
Global with the best in your niche!

R-Founders' working groups are exclusive gatherings of founders
and C-level executives expanding globally in various business niches.
We unite only practitioners and exchange real experiences.

Classes every two weeks, structured around the group's requests — no unrelated topics;

Networking activities between
R-Founders groups and expanding your contact list.

Warm contact with speakers, experts,
and contractors;

Exclusive group chat

We also value  your reputation, and the quality and confidentiality of communication. There are no random people, energy therapists, or unrelated topics in the community.
of members join through recommendations, undergo screening, and interview with the leaders of the working groups.
This ensures you don't waste time
on unfocused interactions.
Ekaterina Kurasheva

Founder and CEO R-Founders

Ilya Krasinskiy

Project advisor

Founder, Heroes of Conversion

Natalia Zanina

Community Manager

Anastasia Shabalina

Communications Manager

Victor Belogub

Project advisor

Founder Coach, ex-founder Doc+

Anastasia Prokofyeva

Community Manager

Veronika Popova


Irina Shishkova

Community Manager

Daria Koltsova

Business Assistant

Maria Zinchenko

Community Manager

Tatiana Kulebyakina

Content Editor

How to join R-Founders

We don't have random people: 90% of members come through recommendations. We thoroughly vet and interview each one, as this affects the quality of content and internal communication.

We select individuals at similar business stages and global expansion levels, who will find it interesting to interact on equal terms, exchange expertise, and not get lost in trivial details.

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